Blaise and Jan

Blaise, the comfortable idealist

‘Built for comfort, ain’t built for speed’

Normally, when someone is at the time-of-life for retirement, they head off to play golf, fish, or engage in other normal geriatric pursuits. Only someone seriously deranged would take on the challenge of opening a restaurant. Being so inclined, Blaise had a bizarre, but very personal idea.. He decided he wanted to create a restaurant that combined all the things he loves about his favorite haunts . . . great tasting, but casual food, service that brings a smile and a laugh, a place to relax, and a hangout with friends.

And that’s what Doc’s is all about. It’s built for comfort, just like Blaise.

Some folk built like this
Some folk built like that
But the way I’m built
Don’t you call me fat
Because I’m built for comfort
I ain’t built for speed

Howlin Wolf

Jan, aka Mama

All teams need a member who has a steady hand, someone that has the knack to untangle things when all seems to go awry. Doc’s is fortunate to have Jan fulfill that role. Being a stay-at-home mom for four energetic boys was excellent training for dealing with the daily commotion at Doc’s.

Jan has carved out a special niche by featuring a great selection of premium liquor and wines here at Doc’s. Come in and discover exciting items such as a luscious Petite Sirah, or Sante Votre Pinot Noir, several dynamic Red Blends or a refreshing White Blend or even Jacob’s Ghost, a white whiskey. Relax and unwind with something from the extended wine list, the new IPA on draft, or one of our bartenders’ specials.                                    .

So come on over to Doc’s, Jan will be there to greet you with a warm smile. She’ll laugh or cry right alongside you. She’ll even tell you to sit up straight and mind your manners.

Welcome, come on in, we want you to feel at home here at Doc’s.

           Just remember this my girl, that when you look up in the sky,
you can see the stars and still not see the light.
So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains and
we never even know we have the key.