About Doc’s

The Docs , our inspiration

The Docs

Doc’s  is named for two doctors, husband and wife, who have been renowned in Orlando for their skill, professionalism and heart for many years. Doc Tom Winters is one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in the world. Holder of multiple patents, he is the first doctor professional and weekend athletes turn to for orthopedic help. Dr. Rebecca Moroose is an oncologist and hematologist, one of the nations leading specialist in breast cancer. When things look darkest, Dr. Moroose is there with her calm, warmth and confidence.

Together, these Docs have been leaders in the Orlando Medical Community, Sports Community, and Social Scene. Doc’s Streetside Grille reflects Tom and Rebecca’s dedication to quality in all ways. Many days you will find this couple in their favorite booth at Doc’s with his salmon special and her veggie flatbread. Come by and say hello.

Behind a doctor of repute
Is found much labor and wisdom.
Behind a healer who is great,
God stays, blessing his healing art!

Dr. John Celes